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Well, I'll tell you this much--the current virus revolving around the earth
can we naturalized with hydrogen peroxide therapy. Also, increasing our
tripeptide structure--most importantly our glutathione will most
definitely hold a very strong defense.

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> Not that I think anybody will respond, because there never is, but:
> Spike's scenario doesn't explain the crossover event.
> SARS-CoV-2 is not 100% bat content.  Mostly it is -- 80%??  The balance,
> 20%??, came from some other mammal.  Pangolin (an Asian anteater, looks
> a lot like an armadillo) is the thinking, but, whatever.
> So a crossover event was necessary to create this hybrid.  We know for a
> fact that virions, disrobed of their outer protective sheaths, submerged
> in a living liquid environment exchange chunks of genetic material, swap
> genetic material like crazy, with each other and with their hosts.  You
> and I have a ton of junk DNA in our genome that originated in virions.
> Hell, I just interviewed someone who discovered a "lateral gene transfer
> event" between **fungi** and an animal (a tiny fly called a midge).
> Yes, the fungus among us.  Not only that, but the recipient organism
> (the midge) *expressed* the new gene (!), in a functional non-lethal way
> (!! self-synthesizing the essential nutrient beta carotene, one of a
> very rare few animals on Earth that can do that), and furthermore,
> *transmitted* the new genetic capability to her progeny.  This
> gene-swapping phenomenon is *especially* common for RNA viruses since
> they lack the redundancy / error correction of DNA viruses.  (The whole
> point of a double helix is to catch the weird sh*t and nip it in the
> bud.)  This phenomenon is common enough with two different animals
> (think, pigs and ducks wrt H1N1); highly unlikely with three different
> animals at the same time.  So we'll go with two.
> So where did that crossover happen? /in vivo/ or /in vitro/?  I have no
> intuition about the answer to that, haven't read enough yet.  But one
> plausible scenario is that one single human being, Patient Zero, some
> schmo swabbing out some messy place, was simultaneously infected with
> *both* virions at the same time, either due to bad luck/carelessness,
> bad management/carelessness, or design.  Then P.Z. walked around for
> awhile, a living laboratory, shedding a gift that keeps on giving.
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> > This scenario doesn't require a conspiracy.
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