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> If a policeman tries to arrest you for something that you think is
> unconstitutional, you don?t have the right to shoot him, or even threaten
> to shoot him. You will likely be punished if you shoot him or threaten to
> shoot him even if it is subsequently agreed in court (in a case separate
> from your criminal trial) that the policeman was acting on laws that were
> unconstitutional.
> An armed American might not have the explicit right to shoot a policeman
> for violating his constitutional rights, but he certainly does have the
> option to do so. That option alone might prevent the policeman from barging
> into that American's home to see if he has anything he might want to take,
> demand free room and board from him, or otherwise excessively abuse police
> powers. Both the American citizen and the policeman have to deal with the
> consequences of their actions. By being armed, you can make sure those
> consequences are evident to the policeman. Armed citizenry keep the police
> honest.
> Ever since Australians gave up their gun rights, the government can now
> just arrest their journalists and treat them like criminals, if they write
> or say the wrong thing. Can you imagine if Trump had that power here in
> America?
> https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-15/abc-raids-australian-federal-police-press-freedom/11309810
> Do you really think the Australian Federal Police would not have pursued
> the journalists if they feared they had guns? Do you think that the US
> Government might have not have pursued Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning
> if they had guns?
> Those individuals would probably still have been pursued in those specific
> cases, but if the government started targeting a specific class of people, let's
> say journalists or jews. In that case guns would allow those people a
> chance to band together and formed a meaningful resistance.  There is
> ancient saying: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchers if
> not for we the people? The capacity for violence is like a currency
> accepted and appreciated not just by a single country or government but by
> all living things both known and unknown.

The obvious example is not the journalists or the Jews but the criminals
with guns: why do the police and the courts keep pursuing them?

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Stathis Papaioannou
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