[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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>…I'd rather have the economy reopen in June, have at risk groups continue to shelter in place,  delay reopening extremely large gatherings like concert venues and stadiums, and get on with things before we end up in a global depression that may result in A LOT more deaths once people and nation states start scrambling for diminishing resources… Dylan



Hi Dylan, ja, I have been pondering this for some time.


I don’t know from viruses, but I have heard they can be preserved in a dry form somehow, like a powder in a vial.  Virus hipsters is this correct?


If so, a terrorist with a vial of the stuff could be released over a packed stadium or rock concert, infecting huge numbers of proles simultaneously, sort of a more modern version of anthrax.


But this could be worse than anthrax because of its ability to spread.  What I don’t know is if Covid-19 can be preserved in a dry form.  I damn sure hope it cannot.


I live close enough to a football stadium that I can sometimes hear the crowds cheering.  Imagine a terrorist set up an automated quadrotor drone, the cheap toy ones, with some kind of system that would disperse something visible, such as flour.  She programs it to fly over the stadium, release the flour, the fans panic and trample each other to get away from it.  That is an example of a terrorist attack which could be done with little expense, risk to the bad guy, technical expertise or collaboration.  It would cause sports fans to trample each other even if this virus cannot be preserved in dry form, for those being trampled do not know that, nor do I.  I will offer that I will refuse to go to stadium events in the foreseeable.  (Full disclosure: I was present at the Led Zeppelin “concert” in Tampa Florida 3 June 1977 (as the designated driver (oh mercy (details available on request.)))


Every country in the world now has access to Covid-19.


This could singlehandedly kill stadium events of all kinds.



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