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> 1. Is imprisonment moral per se?

As opposed to...?  There are cases where it apparently is, such as where
the only alternative being considered is no action, which results in a
murderer killing other people, a rapist raping more people, and so on.

> 2. Does imprisonment actually achieve positive results?

As opposed to...?  See above.

> A subsidiary question to my second one is: Does prison achieve better
> positive results against other means of dealing with crime?

What are the other means?

> (A good reason to consider this is the overall high cost of prison in
> purely monetary terms. For instance, imprisoning the serial burglar might
> be far far more costly in monetary terms than the monetary loss from their
> burglaries. There might other factors to consider here, as I know as a
> person who’s been burglarized before.)

It seems highly unlikely that it imprisonment would usually cost more.
https://www.google.com/search?q=cost+of+imprisoning+someone+for+a+year shows
as the top result $31K per year.  Just one burglary can easily result in
more than $31,000 of cost and damages, and a burglar can burgle more than
one time per year - and that's just burglarly.  If we want to phrase things
in monetary costs, then what's the economic damage of an average rape or an
average murder?
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