[ExI] More Americans died of COVID-19 than died in battle in Korea

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Fri Apr 17 13:40:31 UTC 2020

John - who are you talking to?  Is someone advocating that that I missed?
Personally I wish you would stop sending us the counts.  But you can't, can
you?  You just cannot control it.  bill w

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> There were 33,643 American battle deaths during the Korean war, as if
> today April 17 at 11:54 GMT there were 34,641 deaths from COVID-19. It took
> the Korean war 3 years one month and 2 days to manufacture that number of
> cadavers. COVID-19 beat that number in just 48 days. And there are lots of
> theories but nobody is certain how high that number will get, the only
> thing that's certain is the number will be much higher if the quarantine is
> lifted too soon.
> And since April 7 COVID-19 has been the leading cause of death in the USA
> killing more people per day than heart disease (on average about 1,770
> deaths per day) or cancer (about 1,640) or anything else. Yesterday
> COVID-19 killed 2,174 Americans. Do you *really* think ending the
> quarantine right now is a good idea?
> John K Clark
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