[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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>> it would be constitutional to make individual ownership of anything more
>> advanced than a revolver or a bolt action rifle illegal…
> >  *No worries, there are revolvers and bolt action rifles that are more
> advanced than anything currently going out the door at the gun shop today*

Fine. Gun Digest magazine lists the 8 best manual bolt action rifles of all
time, take your pick:

Top 8 Bolt-Action Rifles

 >*Note that the AR-15 design was mature in the 1960s *

The AR-15 is not a manual bolt action rifle, neither is the AK-47.

 > *I checked with Walmart, they don’t have a nuclear weapons aisle.*

And there is only one reason for that, most people are not insane and so
they know that if the human race is not to go extinct there must be limits
placed on the Second Amendment; reasonable people can disagree on exactly
where to draw the line, but once you get to Nerve Gas, Anthrax Bombs, and
Thermonuclear Warheads you're clearly in the land of the looney.

 John K Clark
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