[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

SR Ballard sen.otaku at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 01:35:08 UTC 2020

John K Clark, do you understand how email works?

Did you know that your replies are automatically placed underneath my own writing by my mail program?

Did you know it actually takes more energy for me to remove them, and so them existing is actually the default? Did you know anyone who is used to reading emails, such as yourself, would not actually read that part of the email, and in fact your mail program likely hid it from you unless you went out of your way to read it?

“I” didn’t copy or repeat anything you write, a mindless program did. I’m surprised you would be upset about such a thing. It’s like getting upset because a ball dropped when you let go of it. 

Should I develop a similar verbal style to yours? To be extremely aggressive, flippant, and juvenile? This is literally the online equivalent of “I’m not touching you” in it’s level of maturity. 

I don’t understand your need to get so aggressive when so many people agree with you. Endless screeds about a certain President (who I also hate), constant comparison of infection statistics to previous wars (I think it was mishandled but it’s not a war), crusader imagery against the anti-scientific “barbarian” infidels (and somehow considering any of us science haters because we think that dehumanizing people is maybe a bit too much), you frothing attacks when someone wants to use the word “but”... what gives? Why? 

Why do you think that just because we disagree with you that we are somehow thick, or anti-science? Why are nuanced opinions wrong? Why does everything have to be black or white? And regardless of why you are so angry, why do you have to take it out on us?

Maybe I don’t contribute as much as all of you wish I could. I often feel inferior to y’all because I’m much younger and don’t have a college degree. Maybe I don’t belong here. But if there isn’t a place in the transhumanist sphere for someone without a degree, despite any interest I have or my desire to be involved, then I don’t think that’s such a good thing. 

I enjoy reading the majority of things posted on the list but it’s getting to the point where maybe I’ll unsubscribe. And I’m sure y’all wouldn’t miss me, even though I’ve been reading for almost a decade, but it’s still really sad. 

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