[ExI] thawing of ai winter?

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> My work in evolutionary psychology makes me think that building AI
> based on human brains is an intolerably dangerous approach.
> Humans have rarely invoked psychological traits such as
> capture-bonding and those related to going to war and the perhaps
> related trait of being infested with religions.
> A human-based AI that understood a looming resource crisis could go to
> war with humans.

### What I am talking about in my post is still miles away from general AI
that could to to war with humans. I was discussing the reasons for the
fragility of deep learning algorithms in processing real-life sensory
inputs, which is surprising given their phenomenal performance in some
circumscribed, artificial domains like games.

I think it's perfectly OK to take inspiration from the human brain in the
development of sensory analysis systems and knowledge representation
systems since these devices don't act on their own and don't have much a
goal system.

As we get closer to recapitulating a whole mind in AI, we will need to be
more circumspect but this is still a few years away, according to the
prophecy I published decades ago, nine years and five months away.

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