[ExI] Existing as stored data (Was: How many current members of ExI?)

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I'm curious, Spike: Where or in what form what do they think this stored 
data is? …just happens magically?
Ben Zaiboc


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Subject: Re: [ExI] Existing as stored data (Was: How many current members of ExI?)


>…Just happens *physically*… Giulio





Oh OK I mighta misinterpreted Ben’s question.


An innovation provided by SDA teaching is that the future eternity is not some floating-on-clouds and harps stuff in the paintings and cartoons, but rather a physical existence like we have now, only where all humanity’s problems are fully resolved.  People can still fall and get injured and that sorta thing, but of course there is instant healing available, including resurrection, the farms (ja, farms, literal crops and all that, no bugs) are abundant, the weather is always perfect, etc, but it is a literal physical existence with matter and energy.


It is paradoxical perhaps that transhumanist atheists envision a kind of uploady softwarey holodeck future sim-life in some meta-computer or M-brain, while religious fundamentalists envision the future as an idealized literal physical matter-energy existence on planet earth.





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