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Re Rose rocket at earthlight.com
Wed Apr 22 00:11:36 UTC 2020

I think there is a flaw in the discussion of the proof(s) for the existance
of God and that evil cannot evolve, and in fact should devolve, as it uses
a parameter that is not objective, which is: "better".

In evolution, systems evolve to increase their *fitness* parameter, which
is a pretty rigourously defined parameter in the evolution literature.
Here's a paper by Manfred Eigen on evolution, but there are lots of other
papers on this topic.

Another tendency of complex biological systems is that they evolve to
increase their system complexity, or *information*.

Neither of these patrameters is related to "better" in the sense of "not
evil". There are nasty creatures - I'd call them evil, but that's just my
opinion - that can be observed to have evolved, for example: komodo
dragons,  hippopottami, sharks, animals with rabies (the rabies virus being
the evolutionary agent in question here), cowbirds, deer ticks, eyelash
bacteria, crabgrass, grizzly bears, and wasps. Not an exhaustive list.

But these creatures are all fitter than their ancestors, and are
exquisitely designed for their evolutionary niche. Their biological design
is more information rich than their ancestors  :)

And so, alas, I think the proof doesn't work and true evil remains
possible, and can exist  :(

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