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*> I find that the religion of atheism* [...]

By "religion" I mean an organization that claims to have important facts
about an omnipotent omniscient being who created the universe, so I can't
say anything specific about what you say in the above because I'm not
familiar with that religion.

> * > everyone has horror stories to tell about how someone in their family
> was violently harassed (I am talking of real harassment, sticks and stones,
> not words) by a state atheist regime for wearing a cross or going to
> church.*

I grant you that one religion persecuting another religion is very very far
from rare, in fact it's pretty much the norm, but logically it would be
premature to jump to the conclusion that if organization X persecutes
religion Y then organization X must be a religion. Eating shit will almost
always cause somebody to vomit, but if somebody is vomiting that doesn't
prove they've eaten shit.

 John K Clark
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