[ExI] No gods, no meaning? (was: Re: Existing as stored data)

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> From our point of view, the lives, struggles, everything about that
> civilization was completely irrelevant.  If they don’t leave something to
> somehow be visible from the outside, they are irrelevant.
> Humans blasted out a signal into space in 1974.  That signal is the
> brightest object in the galaxy at that frequency.  If we end up going
> extinct, we could argue that signal differentiates us from complete
> irrelevance.

It's all about POV. Yes, the lost civilization is irrelevant to us. To them
I'm sure their lives mattered.

We sent a signal. Whoop de do. That doesn't make me feel more relevant.
What if no intelligence ever receives the signal? Are we still more

I don't measure my life by the impact I've had on the Universe, I measure
it by how I feel about my accomplishments and impact I've had on the lives
of friends, family, and strangers I've interacted with.

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