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>>...Stuart, perhaps we can work out some kind of IP-sharing agreement?  I will agree to take the profits, you can have all the credit for being the originator of the imaginative idea.


>...Spike you are free to pursue this particular idea to your heart's content...Anyhow, you are free to run with the fossilization idea if you so choose as I hereby relinquish any and all claim to it.. :-)

Stuart LaForge


Cool thanks Stuart.  Let's have a gentleman's agreement: each of us will toss down a sack of money to the other should our ideas work out.  We make a second gentleman's agreement to make it a sack of paper money, in order to reduce the risk of injury.  Hal Finney and I had a similar agreement but his condition made him unable to hurl the sack of coins, and so that didn't work out for me.

I am not a bit surprised the government would find a way to interfere with your robo-companion.  They did that with Fit Bit: some doctor used the pulse data from it to determine how to treat a fibrillation patient, they declared it a medical instrument, made big headaches for the company.  Same happened to 23&Me, which is why its price doubled and the info they offered went down.

The market is there: if we can work out good online speech recognition avatars and satisfy the power-grabby authorities that of course it neither a medical device nor a spy machine, the proles will buy the hell outta that product.  The rich ones might even pop for a 3-D version and pay even more if she has convincing anatomically-correct everything.  Hell never mind them, I would buy that.


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