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Without original sin people have nothing to be saved from - ergo, they
(Baptists, for instance) have to keep believing in it or their religion
fails.  I hate this idea more than anything I can think of at the moment.
bill w

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>> As a fun aside…  the more rigorous religions have a task ahead of them.
>> To create and maintain a market for their product, they not only need to
>> make the believers feel guilty for their sins, there are plenty of cases
>> where they must make the young believer feel guilty for sins they didn’t
>> actually do.
> That's easy: "original sin".  The theory is, you were created out of a
> process that involved sin, therefore you bear part of the burden of that
> sin just by existing.  Just like debt slavery, there might be a notion that
> you could theoretically do enough good to get out of it, but the people in
> control keep changing the numbers and moving the goalposts so that you can
> never escape their clutches.
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