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>…I am with Spike on sin…


No way Jose!  I left before that.  As soon as you started talking about… cod… I knew that party was going the wrong direction, then when those fellers brought out that wacky terbacky I said Adios Amigos, I am OUTTA HERE!  


I wasn’t even there when that business went down.


>…spike, examples from you are always welcome


bill w


When I was at my wedding 36 years ago, I took several of my bride’s old friends aside and asked them what she had ever done wrong.  I had been dating her for nearly 3 years and I had never seen anything.  What was the biggest mischief she ever got into, that sorta thing.


They pondered, and thought, nobody could think of a single thing.  Then the husband of one of them said “Pal, the closest Shelly has ever come to committing a sin is marrying you.”






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