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> > What sort of mental illnesses did these people have - if you know?  We
>> all know there is a correlation between IQ and manic-depression. That
>> diagnosis might not strike people as being crazy, like a diagnosis of
>> schizophrenia and its hallucinations and delusions would, although a full
>> blown manic episode would do it.
> I don't know the technical term for the illness but John Nash went so
> crazy they made a very good movie about him, "A Beautiful Mind".
> Alexander Grothendieck and Grigori Perelman suddenly renounce mathematics
> at the very height of their productivity and became hermits refusing to
> talk to anybody for decades; Grothendieck lived on nothing but dandelion
> soup and Perelman was offered the Fields Medal, the mathematical equivalent
> to the Nobel Prize, but he refused it and for some weird reason thought it
> a insult, he even refused a million dollars The Clay Mathematical Institute
> wanted to give him as a sign of appreciation for proving the Poincaré
> conjecture.
> Georg Cantor suffered from chronic depression all his life and it was so
> bad he had to be hospitalized for it many times, and the eccentricities
> of Paul Erdős were legendary although he seems like a nice guy.
> As for
> Godel, he was
> the
> greatest
> logician
> of all time but he had some very illogical ideas.  Godel
> was always a very odd man and he got odder as he got older
> especially after his best friend, Albert Einstein, died in 1955
> . He sealed his windows shut because he thought somebody
> would
>  try to murder hi
> m
>  with poison gas.
> He
>  wore
> a
> heavy woolen coat on the hottest day
> of summer
> ,
> Godel believed in ghosts
> and for unknown reasons he insisted on putting lots of cheap plastic
> flamingos on his front lawn.
> Godel disliked talking to people but if he had to he insisted they do it
> on the telephone even if they were just a few feet away. Godel
>  ended up starving himself to death, he refused to eat because he thought
> unnamed sinister forces were trying to poison him. The great logician
> weighed 65 pounds when he died in 1978 from, according to the
> official
> death certificate,
> "
> lack of food brought on by paranoia
> "
> .
>  John K Clark
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