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>  And, to become something good and useful, religion would have to transform so radically that to continue to use the word 'religion' for it would be misleading to say the least.  Ben
> I am going to stay out of this one except for this quote from you:  there are plenty of religions that do good in observable ways.  One of them is the Salvation ARmy.  They often beat the Red Cross to disasters.  They are a good example of people putting their faith into actions.  They do not try to gain supporters from the people they are helping - they just help with food, shelter, linens etc.
> Granted:  they are exceptions, but I do know of local churches that serve food to the homeless.    bill w

The Salvation Army, as an inherently Christian organization, is going to do some unlikable things. Volunteers are likely to foist their views off on those they are helping, and this has happened to me before.

The only seasonable current accusation I would find is this: (so I think they are working hard to be more open/accepting)


(However, with shared facilities I can see why it might be considered troubling, but how is it different than having a roommate. I live with three men.)

I had other accusations, but I think anything pre-2010 isn’t really appropriate. Our culture has changed so much since then that it’s not really fair. 
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