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We are reminded.  It’s really pretty simple.  Now we know: spread out, reduce risk.

>…We need the "remote" work from home to continue as the new normal for those who can…Now i save 10 frustrating hours per week connecting to the same servers from my house...I feel like we are on the verge of cementing this new norm. …

I guess soon many will have to make a choice… Mike



A well written commentary by Mike Dougherty, thanks.


Clearly there are big savings available to those companies which embrace remote work vs those which do not: you can save a ton of money on office space, office supplies, yakkity yak, the employees save time, wear on their cars if they drive, risk of death if they ride a subway, etc.


I could see a new order of things, where remote-work companies pressure the old rigid nine to fivers aside.  I can imagine a lotta societal benefits to the plan, with few drawbacks, but I will ask please the following question.  


The benefits to the expansion of remote working  are obvious, but what is the downside?






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