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If I may ask:  would you summarize just what a Bayesian and a nonBayesian
mind is?  The formula and how it is used I know.   Thanks!  bill w

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>> So the real problem is, how do you deal with those who try to alter the
>> data of reality in that manner (and fail, though they may preach their
>> claims loudly enough to convince some people), rather than accepting the
>> world as it is and adjusting their beliefs accordingly?
> ### Non-Bayesian minds do not update on some aspects of available
> evidence. If you know a mind is such a non-Bayesian, it's useless to argue
> with it, since arguments are just another type of evidence that it cannot
> update on. All we can do is to observe, detect dangers that might be posed
> by such minds, and use appropriate defensive and offensive tactics to
> respond to danger.
> Rafal
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