[ExI] COVID-19 has killed more Americans than the Vietnam War

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Thu Apr 30 02:52:15 UTC 2020

FYI, Quest is now offering antibody tests.  I'm relatively confident I had
Covid-19 in mid January (I work in NYC and had a terrible upper
respiratory infection at that point, and was flu negative based on quick
test).  Even if I didn't have it then, I'm relatively confident I was
likely exposed at Madison Square Garden (~20K people in one spot in NYC) on
March 10th for a concert the day before they shut the city down.   I'm
headed in on May 5th to Quest for the blood draw.  I will report back to
the list once I have results.

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> > If what I had in December was C-19, do let me assure you,
> Spike, I *really* doubt anyone in the US had Covid=19 in Dec.  But you
> should get tested for antibodies against it.  If you did have COVID-19
> that early, it would be of great interest to the CDC.
> Keith
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