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>…Sure I can. If truth means unhappiness, then screw truth. I choose to believe that either there are natural (or feel free to call them supernatural) mechanisms of afterlife/resurrection in the universe, or we’ll engineer such mechanisms and find ways ti bring everyone back….  Giulio



I finally convinced my own family that cryonics is perfectly compatible with some forms of fundamentalist religion, specifically one which holds that death is analogous to a big sleep, after which we are re-assembled from atoms, not the same ones but the same kind.  During the death phase one “exists” only as an inert file in a supernatural memory of sorts.  That notion is perfectly compatible with cryonics.


What if… both are right: cryonics works, we get frozen, nanotech comes along, we get uploaded into something in such a form that can interact with meat-world humans.  Then what if… the cryonaut was in that religion, zombie apocalypse comes along, deity resurrects believers in accordance with the deal, then the newly formed meat-guy could interact with his own software self.  Like two brothers always messing with each other, imagine how they could harass each other, the gags they could pull.






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