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Greetings fellow ExI-ers,


For three good reasons and one really bad one (listed at the end of this
post for the curious reader) I have chosen to stand down forthwith as ExI
moderator.  I have selected a new one (which is how I got that job 21 yrs
ago) and wish to try a fun little experiment: the new moderator's identity
will remain in the shadows.  His or her @ is ExiMod at protonmail.com
<mailto:ExiMod at protonmail.com> 


I have known him or her for a long time and know this person to be fair,
smart, kindhearted, charitable.  Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous.  etc.


But not reverent.  This person gets thru number 11 on the old scout law and
stumbles at the finish line.  


In any case, if you have a moderator request, post it to
ExiMod at protonmail.com <mailto:ExiMod at protonmail.com>  but not me for I have
relinquished this burdensome omnimpotence of Exi moderation without taking
any actions on my way out.


Carry on, my friends.   I will still be here, still posting silliness and
some fun ideas.  But I won't be doing Exi moderation, nor have I the
password to ExiMod at protonmail.


Sincerely, your former moderator and now ordinary prole,









Good reasons: I have three new jobs I am taking on.: I have been chosen as
STEM counselor for scouts, a job I intend to take seriously.  I have agreed
to be the coach of the high school competitive math team, a task which has
already started via Zoom, and I have agreed to be a tutor for advanced math
students at the HS.


Really bad reason: the biopsy results brought horrifying news for someone I
care about.  I need to be available to get down there on short notice if
called upon to help him and his family.  Might be out intermittently.


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