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 Until I went looking for this, I didn’t realize how much our own Giulio Prisco did back in the olden days.  Giulio, weren’t you one of the lads at Extro3?  4?  I think we met briefly, ja?  …

>…it wasn’t me, I have never been at an Extro conference. I think we met once, but perhaps at a Singularity Summit?



OK cool thanks, perhaps so.  I went to the Singularity Summits if they were local.  We had one at UC San Francisco, one at Berkeley, the best one of all was at Stanford.


This Extrocon I was thinking of was where these four Italian guys were cutting up and saying fun interesting things.  Everybody liked them.  


Never been there, but Italy must have a lotta money.  The cars made there are really expensive.  I heard they have a church, called the Sixteen Chapel or something like that, several thousand bucks worth of paintings on the ceiling alone!  Bet we could rig up quad-rotor drones with web cameras that could be controlled from the ground, charge the proles to fly up and get a closer look, let them battle it out in there, that sorta thing.  We could make some real money.









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