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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 15:14:18 UTC 2020

Sounds very good to me.  You will find very, very high support for excising
all political posts, not just the ones from John.  I would support kicking
him out entirely.  He is very obsessive, and as I have told Spike, I don't
really think he can stop it.  (yes, I am a psychologist).

I don't think any past members will come back if political posts are made,
even if they are not particularly inflammatory (id est, anything about
Trump) - bottom line.

bill w

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> Spike has assured me that looking after the Exi list requires only very
> occasional intervention and I hope to continue on that well-trodden path.
> The main problem I see at present is that our current national (USA)
> politics has gone crazy. Arguments about crazy politics on the Exi list is
> futile and upsets many list members. This upset spreads into other threads
> that have nothing to do with politics.
> There is a huge selection of popular channels on social media where people
> enjoy arguments about today's political scandals. So there should be no
> problem with the small number of Exi list members avoiding rowdy arguments
> here about the many failings of current politicians. All of us are very
> well aware of the current divisive political problems and the Exi list
> intends to provide a welcome break from the continual political stress.
> Please Note:  This is not just a suggestion.
> I don't have time to moderate individual posts to the Exi list.
> Therefore pointless inflammatory political posts will result in one
> warning to stop that behavior.
> Ignoring the warning will result in a one week ban from the Exi list to
> provide time for tempers to cool down.
> Further action should not be required.
> Let's try and be optimistic and look to a brighter future!
> ExiMod
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