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>…Spike, I think it is juvenile to expect they would NOT offer such a disclaimer. Literally everything in your state has a little label stating it will give you cancer. Why do you not throw away all these things? It’s exactly the same thing.   SR Ballard



SR thanks for pointing that out.


I opposed Prop 65 back in the 80s because it was a major victory for the tobacco industry.  By that time we knew damn well that tobacco causes cancer.  The original version of the legislation was really aimed at identifying stores which sold cigs, to discourage customers from patronizing that store (that word chosen intentionally because of its double meaning (one good the other bad ( {8^D )))


The tobacco industry sued to make the legislation include what it actually says: the building contains chemicals which might be harmful from the standpoint of cancer, reproductive harm, developmental defects for instance.  OK then.  That gets alcohol (hey, fetal alcohol syndrome) that gets coffee (not sure why exactly but it does) it gets:


*	Additives or ingredients in pesticides
*	Common household products
*	Drugs, food, or dyes
*	Solvents
*	Chemicals in manufacturing or construction
*	Byproducts of chemical processes.


OK, well if that warning sign is on every building, including the local daycare (it is) then what does it mean?  That’s right, not a thing, not one damn thing.  If everything causes cancer, then nothing does.  That Prop 65 sign is on every public building in California.  Find me one please which does not have it, and I will show you one where some yahoo stole theirs.  Solvents they say.  Water is a solvent (a very good one (sheesh.)))


If everything causes cancer, then nothing does.


If everything is cultural appropriation, then nothing is.


If all cops are bastards, then none of them are.


If everyone is a criminal, then no one is.


Its kills an argument to overgeneralize it.  Counties very clearly tell us they are counting covid deaths broadly, then handing the numbers up to the state, where the site does not tell us these counts are interpreted broadly.  Then the governors are making life or death decisions based on data of unknown quality.


Please advise.










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