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> If the mortality rate for covid really is about half apercent, then covid isn't all that different from other flu epidemics.  Then the whole shutdown notion was a huge epic failure, 


Perhaps I misunderstood but I thought our new mystery man moderator ordered us not to make political or controversial statements.


John K Clark



John everything isn’t politics.  The shutdown wasn’t any particular party or political leader.  I am not promoting any philosophy or candidate or nation or state or medical expert.  I am seeing a means of systematically undercounting covid cases (from having never been tested) along with a means of systematically overcounting covid deaths (by including deaths that did not necessarily die of covid (says it right there on the county websites (but not on the state level site it feeds (nor on the national level sites by the CDC (nor on the world level statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins.))))))


Everything isn’t politics.  This isn’t politics.  This is science.  We mighta undercounted cases and overcounted deaths.  The impacted number is the mortality rate in percent.


But since you and I are old enough to remember when AIDS started up, consider how that unfolded.  A new disease came along and suddenly, for the first time I recall, it was all about politics rather than science.  I had always thought of smart doctors such as Jonas Salk figuring out what was going wrong and how to fix it.  But somehow it was all about politics that time.  This seems to be a replay of that.  But politics never found an answer.


Nearly every country in the world shut down or partially shut down their economies for covid.  But if we systematically calculated a mortality rate incorrectly and this is another swine flu, another bird flu, another Spanish flu, another MERSA, then the shutdown was a huge mistake everywhere.  Businesses die everywhere.  If businesses die, we die.


Everything is not political.  This time it really is science.




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