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When a government program retains massive funding and universal support
despite it being literally impossible for it to fulfill its stated
objectives, assume that the stated objectives are a lie and that it is
fulfilling its /actual/ objectives perfectly.

The actual objective of those state COVID dashboards is /not/ to empower a
vast army of amateur citizen epidemiologists. That would be absurd and
counterproductive. The state already has all the epidemiology expertise it
needs on tap.

The /actual/ objective of thos COVID dashboards is to make us afraid.

And they are working perfectly for the overwhelming majority of the

No problems here. Move along, citizen..

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> *>Everything is not political.*
> Very true, everything is not political, however if I were to
> systematically debate your points one by one, as is my usual habit, in
> the current atmosphere there's not a doubt in my mind that I would be
> accused of being political and booted off the list. Therefore your
> arguments must remain unchallenged.
> John K Clark
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