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> >> If this was January or even February I'd have some suggestions on how
>> schools might stay open and people not die, but this is August and in
>> the US the virus is so out of control none of those ideas would work
>> anymore. Most European and Asian countries can safely reopen their schools
>> in the fall, but I'm sorry to say the US can not.
> John K Clark
> *> What should be the cutoff between can and cannot? *

I'm not sure what the exact cut off number is, but whatever that point is
we certainly passed it by a week in early July when just Florida and Texas
reported 3 times more new COVID-19 cases than all 27 countries of the
European Union combined. The European numbers would look even better if it
wasn't for Sweden; the former great example of how to handle a pandemic
without damaging an economy has turned into the new Sick Man of Europe.

John K Clark
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