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Awesome study!  Psilocybin is also being researched at JHU and mushrooms
are being considered for decriminalization in some locales.  In general we
are having a bit of a psychedelic renaissance--I have even seen psychedelic
psychotherapy clinicse in NYC, not sure how they operate legally though,
perhaps affiliated with a research organization.

I heartily recommend all of you smart folks to try psychedelic substances.
Premium gas is best used in engines of the highest quality.

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> https://www.psypost.org/2020/08/neuroimaging-study-suggests-a-single-dose-of-ayahuasca-produces-lasting-changes-in-two-important-brain-networks-57565
> There were studies of LSD in the early 60s re treatment of alcoholism, but
> I have not seen anything since.  So I think this is a great sign that
> psychotropic substances will be experimented with and perhaps lead to
> better mental health medicines.
> bill w
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