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> OK so Florida and Texas shouldn’t open their schools.


>…Spike, if there's ever anything that needs a coordinated national strategy it's a pandemic because the virus doesn't know or care what state it's in. Remember when people were saying the epidemic was just a local phenomenon and only people in New York City need to worry about it? People cross state lines and their viruses go with them. The long-term effect of dealing with this on a strictly local level will inevitably produce lots and lots of local charnel houses.


 John K Clark



Granted the virus can cross state lines, however governors are the ones who have the actual legal authority on schools.  The Fed doesn’t and cannot have the authority for that, which is good: conditions vary too much from state to state and within states from county to county.  I wouldn’t want to live under the same rules New York needs.  Would you?


Besides that, I don’t trust the federal government.  Do you?  Why? 


I agree with California’s approach: the final call on schools must be made at the county level.


What I don’t know is if mayors can overrule county health officials.  If they can’t, that itself is a new concern: the elected guy is overruled by the unelected.


Conditions vary a lot in a nation as big as this.



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