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Mr. Mystery Man Moderator please note, in the following I am just answering
questions that the former list moderator has asked me:

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*>  I wouldn’t want to live under the same rules New York needs.  Would
> you?*

Yes if the threat was global not local as it is in a pandemic. If
astronomers discovered an asteroid the size of Mount Everest that would
slam into the earth in 20 years I wouldn't want each individual city and
village and hamlet deciding independently on how to deal with the
situation, I'd want a massive coordinated global strategy to figure out how
to divert the damn thing and I'd want Intelligent people with lots of executive
ability leading the effort.

> *>  Besides that, I don’t trust the federal government.  Do you?*

No, I most certainly do NOT trust the current federal government of the USA.

*> Why?*

Ah, well as to that I can't say. I can't say because some people on this
list are allowed to get political and spin conspiracy theories like, every
epidemiologist and statistician and public health official and the entire
scientific community is wrong and the pandemic is really not as bad as they
say, and some people are not. The atmosphere around here may change in a
month or two after another 100,000 Americans have died of the virus, but
currently I'm #1 on the "not" list so I can say no more on that subject.

 John K Clark
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