[ExI] extropy-chat Digest, Vol 203, Issue 23

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Thu Aug 6 19:17:22 UTC 2020

On 06/08/2020 07:33, Keith Henson wrote:
> himps drum on trees.  If humans got rhythm from the
> common ancestor, it dates back around 7 million years ago at least.
> Bonobos drum as well.
> https://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/18410/20151125/bonobos-ability-synchronize-human-drummer-sheds-light-speech-music-evolution.htm
> Keith

Aha. So some chimps, at least, appear to have a similar sense of rhythm 
to us. It would be interesting to try and trace that to wherever it 
comes from. An earlier, pre-speech, brain mutation. If and when we have 
mastered uploading, and can tinker with detailed models of brains from 
the inside, perhaps we'll be able to find out exactly where it comes from.

Ben Zaiboc

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