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Colloquialisms and context are a big problem for computer translation programs. Word X = word Y just doesn't work in many cases. 
Which is a fair attempt at a conversational translation.  Between two male American friends it might even be translated as "Hi, you little devil", spoken with a smile. Human translators still have a job to do.  :)



>...Google translates  "go aisatsu, Amanojaku" as "Greetings, perverse person"... BillK


How did he know that?

OK cool, I will still eat his sushi if I can find him.

I was a volunteer noodle cooker at the annual Obon Festival in San Jose Buddhist temple for several years.  The guys there were giving me nicknames and putting me up to saying things in Japanese, but I was always wary of those fellers, knowing there were subtleties to their language which we round-eye not only didn't get, we just couldn't get, because we had never lived in Japan.

I still want to go there and hang around for at least several weeks.  I will wait until the virus goes away.


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