[ExI] Cost of reopening schools

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>...To reopen this fall, the average school district will spend more than
$1.77 million to cover costs, such as cleaning, staff to help implement
health and safety protocols, and personal protective equipment.



The article includes a list of what they are spending money on, so might be
helpful for reopening.


Thanks BillK!

We are rassling with the same questions here, such as: If the schools do not
reopen, will the California taxpayers enjoy a rebate of half their funds?

BillK, your countryman Mr. Jeeves offers a hint on that:


No, sir.

Our powerful teachers union wishes to be paid, regardless of whether or not
they are actually instructing live students.

There is a chance the teachers will go on strike however, for the union
chief is demanding the school districts contribute to the global warming
fund.  The superintendent is writhing and groveling: Oh please oh please,
teaching staff do not go on strike, anything but that ok maybe just for a
month or three we will say nice things about you to your successors.

So... there is that tantalizing possibility of steep a reduction in
expenses, however I don't see it happening.

Even in the event of a teacher walkout, Mr. Jeeves thinks a tax rebate as
most unlikely.

If you will pardon me, I am off to the local high school to help distribute


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