[ExI] end of the road for bricks and mortar

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BLM organizer Ariel Atkins' comment is the takeaway:


"That is reparations.  Anything they wanted to take, they can take it
because these businesses have insurance."


This tells me that the BLM organizer wants to treat insurance companies as a
bottomless pit of money.  OK, so they pay these business owners for their
losses to some extent.  Then what?  Do you suppose those insurers are going
to bet this will not happen again?  I wouldn't make that bet.  Insurer to
former customer: Can't cover that anymore, too risky, here's your check,
adios amigo.


Then. these high end retail bricks and mortar outfits are never rebuilt.


OK, well I suppose we don't really need them anymore.  I see where they
served their purpose at one time, but I don't see that there is any
practical means of protecting them or insuring them, since it has been
demonstrated that a flash-mob of looters cannot be stopped.


Result: no more high-end retail in the population centers.


What happens next?  Do they continue, focusing on the mid-level retail?
When that is gone, then what?


The ability to organize looting flash mobs on the internet is accelerating
the end of bricks and mortar retailing.



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