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*> As it is, armed leftist militants are on a rampage,*

One of the main reasons to justify sending federal thugs into the heart of
Portland Oregon against the wishes of local authorities, both the mayor and
the governor, was that the leftists were on a rampage of...... graffiti.
And I didn't see a single gun, except those used by the thugs. But I sure
saw one hell of a lot of guns when right wing nuts invaded the Michigan
state house in full body armor wielding semi automatic assault rifles
because they didn't want their God given constitutional right to spread
COVID-19 to other people violated by being made to wear a facemask. The
president of the United States even tweeted his approval of such
stormtrooper tactics.

Armed Protesters Storm Michigan State House Over COVID-19 Lockdown

*> I am not concerned about rubber bullets.*

Not even when rubber bullets are used to stop a protest, in which there is
plenty of video evidence showing it was peaceful, so that Trump could have
a photo op and hold a Bible upside down in front of a church?

John K Clark
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