[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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My comment on Rice is immediately dated.  He just picked Harris.

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> Just hazarding a guess, but I don't think Rafal will be voting for Biden
> if he deigns to vote.  The Marxist playbook of Biden's handlers is pretty
> obvious.  If he goes with the establishment pick of Rice, you'll end up
> with a voracious hawk instead.  Neither scenario has much appeal unless
> you're in favor of redistribution/cultural annihilation or war.  I won't
> say more as to avoid starting a political thread which is verboten.
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>>>> What is the justification for not voting, beyond the fact that a single
>>>> vote does not count much?
>>> ### I want to avoid legitimizing the system. If I never voted for it,
>>> you can't blame me.
>> We can totally blame you for neglecting to do your civic duty.  It
>> doesn't matter if you never asked for it; just by being an adult citizen of
>> the United States of America, your choices are to have that duty (though it
>> is possible to shirk the duty) or to renounce your citizenship (which
>> usually requires leaving the country).
>> Certain people not voting was part of how Trump got into office.
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