[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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>>> What is the justification for not voting, beyond the fact that a single
>>> vote does not count much?
>> ### I want to avoid legitimizing the system. If I never voted for it, you
>> can't blame me.
> We can totally blame you for neglecting to do your civic duty.  It doesn't
> matter if you never asked for it; just by being an adult citizen of the
> United States of America, your choices are to have that duty (though it is
> possible to shirk the duty) or to renounce your citizenship (which usually
> requires leaving the country).

### No, we are Americans, we are a free people, at least for now, we don't
have a duty to brown-nose the Leviathan by casting usually
meaningless votes. It's only in the Communist Poland that I was forced to
vote in municipal elections, on pain of being investigated by the police
for being an enemy of the state if I didn't show up.

> Certain people not voting was part of how Trump got into office.

### If I could cast a thousand votes for Trump in the closest state race, I

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