[ExI] Cory Massimino on advocating police abolition

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>> Because the phrase "defund the police" is suddenly all in the news and is
>> basically a good idea,
> ### "Privatize the police", "Reform the police", "Make police great again"
> might be good ideas but "Defund the police" is just stupid.
> Then I guess whatever happened in Camden, NJ — where they defunded the
> police back in 2012 — must be fake news.

### Obviously. Camden didn't defund the police, they just hired new one. In
a reasonable person's speech it's called "reform", not "defunding".

> https://www.businessinsider.com/camden-new-jersey-police-disbanded-how-it-works-impacts-residents-2020-6
> Also, Cory’s piece was on abolition — not defunding. Have you actually
> read it? (I know the answer is No.)

### I am not interested in engaging in this discussion so no I didn't read
it. I just made a definitional remark about the term of art "defund the
police", that's all.

But to continue my sociolinguistic analysis - Cliques of sociopaths and
cults often intentionally come up with completely inane slogans and use
them to differentiate between fellow cultists and clique members vs. the
outgroup. Somebody who is willing to repeat inane slogans, like "Defund the
police!" is likely to be a fellow traveler, those who refuse, show
themselves to be independent, and thus potential enemies. And note,
repeating a reasonable slogan, like "Reform the police!" would not be a
good discriminator - any reasonable person might say it, and the cultists
and psychopaths don't want reasonable people messing up their momentum.

Don't buy into their figures of speech. They want to mess with your mind,
and they use words to do that.

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