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>…To each their own…


I am considering seeking profession help to get over this.  That particular common saying is causing me deep psychosis, emotional distress, fever, mild headaches, etc.


I know we have embraced the plural gender non-specific “their” to replace the singular gender-specific (but clumsy) his or her.  Whenever I hear someone say “To each their own” the fighting plurality terms sit right next to each other in one short sentence, incompatible as matter and anti-matter.  


>… I was quoting an equally great thinker and philosopher, Conan the Barbarian…


He succeeded wildly.  After Conan’s 1982 military victories, he went on to become a governor only 11 years later, holding the office until he termed out 8 years later.  Generally popular, what I recall most about Conan’s terms in office were his odd way of pronouncing the name of the state he led (Cah lee FOOORN ya) and his often-reported comment that he was continually surprised at how little actual power that office had, for the state legislature thwarted most everything he wanted to do.  His followers were most disappointed he was not eligible for higher office, having been born in Austria.



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