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>…I just thought I would share some data that I mined with you all about the relationship between the prevalence guns and murder as it pertains to various nation-states. In lieu of any commentary, I am simply posting the data here in the hopes that the reader would draw their own conclusions. I invite commentary from others, however.


Stuart LaForge




Cool thanks Stuart.  I didn't realize the guns to murders ratio in the US is better than Canada, Finland, Australia and those outfits, but I see good reasons to be optimistic.


One might suppose the point isn’t to optimize the ratio of guns to murders, but rather to reduce the number of murders:



OK, well, we are working that.  In the meantime… we can likely improve the ratio of guns to murders by increasing the number of guns.  


I am very surprised to see there aren’t even enough guns in the USA for each person to have even one.  This in itself is alarming, for it makes me fear I am depriving several helpless Yanks of even their one, as the locals clamor about eliminating police forces.


The ratio is improving however.  Since the covid shutdown began, the local gun shops have been doing a booming business.  When the BLM riots started, the sales really shot up.





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