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>…Mozambique has a AK-47 on its flag but the US is the only country in the world that has more guns than people.


John K Clark



Mozambique, HAH!  We can take those guys, easy.


I have questioned that gun count in the USA.  I consider it most implausible that all those American people are unarmed.  I would sure hope not.  But there is reason for optimism: guns never die if they are properly cared for.  The local sporting good store was selling 30.06s from WW1, still perfectly serviceable after a century.  Some of them were a little beat up from high school drill teams using them for half-time shows, tossing them around and such, but they are cheap, reliable and have the whole antique thing going.  It’s kinda cool thinking that one’s own great great grandfather might have carried that rifle or one just like it, fighting Crazy Bill’s huns.


In any case… we don’t know how many guns there are in the USA, we don’t know how much ammo.  We have no way of finding out really, for it’s best to not tell that info.  Then only the bad guys who will be a problem are those who feel lucky.



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