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(But the split quantum pairs description is still easier to understand)!



Sheesh, I am so damned ashamed of myself I could die of embarrassment (and it wouldn't even help to call Max More (because if I take the old nitro-bath, later upload, my thoughts would presumably take up where I left off (and I would still be just as embarrassed (the coward and the clueless amateur physicist die a thousand deaths.))))

All this time, after aaaaallll these years, I failed to see another obvious anomaly with the Hawking Pair explanation (besides the symmetry breaking, previously mentioned.)  A second one I just realized before I even read the article BillK sent: even if antimatter falls into the Schwarzschild radius, that still wouldn't cause the black hole to evaporate!

Reasoning: assume there is a mechanism which would preferentially drop antimatter into the black hole.  The anti-particle would annihilate a matter particle.  Then the pair fall to the left side of the equals sign in the equation

E = mc^2

however... all that E stays inside the black hole.  The E from the mc^2 is all still trapped inside there, and it all still has a mass equivalent.  This means a steady rain of antimatter wouldn't cause the Schwarzschild radius to increase at all.

How could I have missed that for so long?  Oy vey.


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