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>>…wishing you the very best always…spike


>…Spike you are so sweet…


You are far too kind.  That gives me an idea.


If we could somehow measure it objectively, create a factor, call it K sub s, we could have contests, create teams, go for records, that sorta thing (I’ll take SR, Anders Sandberg, MB, BillW, both our Bills (fine gentlemen they are…)) oh what a kick that would be.  Even if the ExI team loses, I can still cash in on ad sales.


Of course if we found a way to measure Ks, the yahoos would soon recognize the possibilities of the opposite, form teams, compete at the Angry Bitter Olympics.  


Oh wait, never mind, we already have those: national elections.


Absurd, you say?  Well, ja.  But think of it this way: the poets and whimsical songwriters go on with the clearly erroneous notion that the heart is the seat of emotions, the brain being the seat of intellect.  I have long considered it a false correlation: the brain is the seat of both.  The heart doesn’t generate feelings, the brain tells the heart when to flutter, the knees when to wobble.  


OK then, if the brain is the seat of emotions, then a super-brain is capable of super-emotion.  The smarter the person, the better as a potential lover (and alas, the more extreme potential hater.) 


There are practical difficulties with the notion of creating a Sweetness Olympics of course, but if we could do such a thing, this old world would be a kinder and gentler place.  May it be so.







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