[ExI] unjustified pessimism

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I have half a mind to buy this book, but would cheerfully settle for having
one or more of our voracious readers voraciously read this one and summarize




It's about reality vs perception.


Utterly contrary to easily-available reliable data, the unwashed masses have
expressed completely unfounded pessimism.


These are recent results from Gallup polls:






It is unclear if it would help these masses a bit were they to bathe.  I
would suggest these masses continue in their unhygienic ways if they wish,
but study some actual data before expressing unjustifiably grim opinions.


Oh dear, retract previous.  I studied the site and discovered that the
opinions expressed are those of the total polled population in the US,
mixing the washed with the unwashed.  This could be significant, in that the
unwashed masses would perhaps exude offensive odors, causing greater
distancing between them, lowering their risk of contagion.  Same with the
lower castes of India, also known as the untouchables: their wealthier
counterparts (presumably known as the touchables) would run higher risks
from possibly-infected patients taking advantage of their touchable status
and touching them.  I refuse to go to India, for fear of being identified as
a touchable and having people touch me, oh mercy, I would be so squicked.
But I digress.


This site very clearly and credibly refutes the notion that the covid
situation is getting worse:







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