[ExI] Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

ExiMod ExiMod at protonmail.com
Fri Aug 21 03:17:08 UTC 2020

You must stop your politicising behavior on the Exi list now.

You have shown that you are able to make a valuable contribution to the Exi list, but you have to avoid bringing the current divisive USA political arguments into the Exi list. With the election season starting, USA political accusations and counter-accusations will become even more extreme as the mass media spread the hate message to both sides so that compromise becomes impossible. We must try to keep this disorder away from the Exi list.

This is your final warning to stop sending inflammatory posts about USA politics to the Exi list.
If you send one more, you will be temporarily banned from the Exi list for a period of one week.


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