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Fri Aug 21 15:13:21 UTC 2020

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Subject: [ExI] Patriot Act

Spike wrote:

> The Patriot Act is still there.
> spike

Not only is it still there but both House and Senate have just voted to
renew it for another 3 years with a spiffy new title: the USA FREEDOM
Reauthorization Act of 2020. It was modified by the Senate however and has
gone back to the House for reapproval.


I am curious how the individual House and Senate votes will line up with
regard to rhetoric and tweets from respective law makers regarding the POTUS
recent use of DHS in riots.

Stuart LaForge


Thanks for that Stuart.

If we don't impose some accountability on that "Patriot Act" business, we
are dead.

Any time you see anything with a name like "USA FREEDOM" anything, beware.
Be very very ware.  It starts to sound like the People's Republic of
(doesn't matter where (you can be sure it isn't the people's anything (it's
really the government's republic of wherever.)))  

These acts have a name that sounds good, but usually it isn't.

We were warned.


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