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>>... OK, now what?

>>... The Patriot Act is still there.

>...Spike, do you seriously think that getting rid of the Patriot Act would
not involve politics?... Keith

Hmmm... Let's think about this.  We live in times where we have a legal
system which can indict a ham sandwich.  This is nothing new of course.  We
have a clear case where power was abused.  I fear the whole notion of
Patriot Act is too popular with the holders of power, regardless of party,
to let go of it.  We all know the threat of being prosecuted based on phony
evidence, and we know our own FBI was caught creating phony evidence.

Every country in the world has a government which could threaten its own
people with phony evidence.  Ja I do think that topic transcends politics.
This is about corruption and power being handed to government in a crisis,
the eventual result of which was corruption.

>From here it goes to stealth encryption, which has been on my mind for some
time.  We have the bandwidth, and the algorithms to do it seem simple
enough: send messages in the form of graphics with the messages coded in the
least significant bit of each pixel.

Keith I don't understand why these kinds of meta-discussions need to devolve
into pointless political nonsense and quarrelling, I really don't.  All of
it can be discussed with an international perspective.  The FBI doesn't have
a party, those guys are law enforcement.  They let politics corrupt their
power, sure, but point is the corruption, not the politics.

>...I suppose it's not much crazier than Trump floating the idea of
pardoning Edward Snowden.

Given what happened, I don't see why not pardon him.  We were told every
year that civilians who did their jobs wrong, not even for profit or
politics, but just for convenience, would be criminally prosecuted.  We
learned that just isn't true.  No reasonable prosecutor would take that

What we did is demonstrate a civilian who mishandles classified information
will not be prosecuted.  So... now civilians are not trusted with top level
information.  The military took all of that, because military guys can face
military punishment.


Ja saw that.  I expect those numbers will hafta go high.  If they don't, the
whole lockdown business was wrong and caused far more harm than good.

The data is coming.  Stand by for news.


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