[ExI] Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

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Hey, that’s idea: if no one wants to do that, we can set up a reverse lottery, where the person chosen is the loser rather than the winner.  Then we FORCE the poor blighter into moderating!


And if the person thus selected simply refuses the job?  You can call someone "moderator" but it's usually not possible to make them moderate if they don't want to. 



Brute force, I tells ye!


Ja, but in this case, there is nothing to do.  Alls ya hasta do is collect some email @s.  If people are allowed to insult each other and be mean (hey, nothing personal, just politics) then it is an easy job, one I will take if no one else wants to.


We shoulda done this a long time ago.


Adrian, you used to join those sub-groups didn’t ya?  Seems I recall we had a Single Stage To Orbit group back when Greg Burch was with us, you mighta joined us?


How long has it been since we had a robust ghetto group?  A long time I think.



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