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We don't need everybody.  In fact, I'd like it if no one joined who is easily offended.  I have been shy about using my alter ego, which is a big tease.  I would not want that misinterpreted.  The heavier the sarcasm the better I say.  I also say that a moderator will need to stop posts that are ad hominem attacks (real ones, not teases), rather than attacks on the issues.  It should be interesting.   I get along well with nearly everyone, save for six or eight of you morons.


bill w


What if… one reluctantly uses one’s alter ego, one’s evil twin… then everybody likes the mean guy better?  Then every time you try to be your usual nice self, everyone intentionally insults you to alter your ego, and get the edgy guy back.


The mind boggles.


BillW suggests a moderator will need to stop ad hominem attacks.  BUT I DISAGREE WITH THE SILLY GOOF!  Oh wait, never mind, we are still on the main list, my apologies.  What I meant was: I see your point sir, but I wish to disagree with that notion.  We are intentionally creating a temporary mud hole in which to angrily wallow.


This is the inherent nature of politics.  I see it kinda like the rassling show, where huge men argue and yell in each other’s faces, get in the ring and pound each other, then go to the locker room and resume their discussion of PG Wodehouse.  We could shout and rassle there, then ExI is the locker room.





Proposed list remaining:





John (?)

Keith (?)

Anton (?)

Mike Dougherty (?)

Stuart (?)

Dave Sill (?)

Dan the Book Man (?)

Stathis (?)

Dylan (?)

Brent (?)



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